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Portland, Oregon, United States
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We just got married and live in Oregon now, but we are not thrilled with Oregon -- so, who knows where we will be tomorrow. I am a mom to a most fabulous 24 year old, and working on geneology work in transcribing local cemeteries (

This life has me as a computer tech (3rd major), past lives was in the ASL sign language interpreting world (1st major), and still love psychology (2nd major). I got my diploma for my Bachelors degree in Networking and Multimedia on April 1st, 2008. I am currently xploring being a Professional Organizer and am quite good at it.

What I do for "fun": geneology, ghost hunting, photography, tormenting Jeff. I am fascinated by folks like the real deal Phil Jordan, and "Criminal Profilers" (Dayle Hinman).